معماری و طراحی دکوراسیون داخلی - Modern Interior Decorating

معماری و طراحی دکوراسیون داخلی

Modern Interior Decorating


It has always been thought that modern contemporary interior decorating is minimalist and cold; but actually, the emphasis of today's interiors is on comfort and a welcoming look without being cluttered and dark. It is a look that can be applied to all interiors, whether homes, offices or stores. A home with the contemporary look is a comfortable and quiet retreat, and to achieve this look, some basic rules have to be followed

Basically, simplicity, clean lines, texture and subtle sophistication define the contemporary, modern interior decorating style. The interiors showcase space and not things. The focus is on space, color and shape, and contemporary interiors are fresh and sleek looking

By following the basic interior decorating tips given below, you can bring the modern interior decorating style into all the rooms of your home

Neutral colors, black and white are the main colors. The color palette is sometimes accented and highlighted with bold and bright colors. Black is often used to define a contemporary looking room. The walls are painted in a basic neutral color, and this gives you a wonderful backdrop for bold and colored accessories. If you paint the walls and windows in pastel shades, the trims should be in neutral color. If you choose a bright color for your walls, everything else should be in neutrals

The most distinctive element in latest Interior decorating ideas style is line. It is used in the architectural details, in the use of bold color blocks, bare windows, high ceilings, and geometric shapes in wall art or sculpture. The bare space on walls, between the furniture pieces and in the upper areas of the room are as important as the areas taken up with objects. According to the modern interior design and decorating style, less is more. Each piece has to stand out as unique and individual

You can make use of the structural elements - air ducts can hang from the ceiling, broken bricks give a look of stability and texture, exposed plumbing pipes are quite acceptable. To draw attention to these, paint the structural details in contrasting, bold colors, or to diminish their look, blend them with the wall color

For the contemporary look in furniture, clean, smooth, geometric shapes are essential. For upholstered furniture, have black, white or other neutral shades and use textured, natural fibers. Use black, neutral or a bold fabric for cover. Fabrics like cotton, wool, linen, jute or silk have a natural and textured look

The furniture pieces should be uncluttered and simple, without decoration or curves. Sofas and chairs show exposed legs and beds and chairs usually do not have trim, skirt, fringe or tassels. Pillows and cushions can have a shot of color and they should be in geometric shapes

You can keep a few simple things in mind to enhance the contemporary look. Use the furniture and accessories to make a bold statement. Have a basic background and splash your favorite color on a piece and make it stand out. Go bare, basic, bold and structural, and ban anything cute and small. No fringe or floral prints, no ruffles or carved, cute details. The floors should be smooth and bare in tile, wood or vinyl. If you must have carpets for warmth or sound control, go in for the commercial grades. Add texture and color with geometric patterned or plain area rugs

Thus by following these modern interior decorating tips you are sure to have an attention seeking place of your own

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